How to maximize your Google AdSense profits

Posted: October 25, 2007 in Adsense Profist Maximize
AdSense is Google’s program for placing AdWords ads on non-Google websites.
4 key facts about AdSense

1. You make automatic money with AdSense.
Small as well as large websites can get AdSense ads on them.
Whenever someone clicks on an ad on your site, you get paid.
Google collects the money from the advertiser, keeps some of it, and passes the rest on to you via a check in the post.
Some clicks can earn you more than $5 dollars a time.

2. Content-targeting technology means AdSense ads are relevant to your site’s traffic.
Google uses automatic content-targeting technology to select what ads will appear on your site.
This system is quite sophisticated (but not 100% reliable) and generally the ads on your site will be relevant to your traffic.
This means the ads are likely to get clicked by your traffic and make you money.

3. Google sells your advertising space for you.
Google has a massive network of over 200,000 advertisers using its AdWords advertising system and when AdWords ads appear on your site
they are called AdSense. This means that when you sign up for AdSense, Google offers your site to all its advertisers – at a price that
is determined by supply and demand through the AdWords real time automatic auction process.
(This auction process is complex – I explain the details in my free course below.)

4. You can maximize your AdSense profits if you understand how the program works in detail.
AdSense is underpinned by Google’s AdWords system and in short, if you know how to get high paying AdWords ads on your site,
you will get ads on your site that pay you a lot per click. You don’t want ads that pay a few cents a time, you want dollars!

By : William Charlwood


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