What is AdSense?

Posted: October 25, 2007 in Adsense ????
AdSense is Google’s program for placing its AdWords ads on non-Google websites such as this one.

AdSense lets website owners like you and me make money easily and fast without even selling anything.
In fact you can often start earning in under 24 hours and when you get paid, it is Google that sends you a check!

You don’t have to run a large site or have much traffic to make money and AdSense works for small enthusiast or hobby sites as well as larger operations.
AdSense is easy – but here’s how to make real money

Some websites make a lot of money from AdSense (thousands of dollars a month!) whilst others make very little and there are many complex reasons
why earnings differ.

I’ve been using AdSense since it was launched and am hugely enthusiastic about it. I’ve written a 5-day course about AdSense that explains

* where the money comes from
* what you have to do to start out fast
* how much money you can make
* what clicks are worth
* how to put a rocket-engine behind your earnings
* whether you can cheat
* how to build a site for AdSense fast and easily
* how to get going without spending any money

It’s free and there’s no obligation whatsoever.

To get the first installment in your in-tray in a few minutes just complete the form below.

I also discuss some unique and risky experiments I’ve done in my AdSense lab as I unpicked the AdSense system.
(I was lucky not to get banned for doing some of these! Don’t try them yourself. You can also read what Google had to say to me about them.)

Like a link to a presentation by Google about AdSense that few people know about? Written for advertisers,
it explains Google’s view on why AdSense is so useful for businesses. You can get it here too.

By : William Charlwood


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