CAREER OPPRTUNITY PT SCS Astragraphia Technologies (SAT)

Posted: January 8, 2008 in Astra
CAREER OPPRTUNITY PT SCS Astragraphia Technologies (SAT)

We are a joint venture company between Singapore Computer System
Limited (SCS) a premier information and communications technology
(ICT) service provider in the Asia-Pacific region and PT Astra
Graphia, Tbk a leading provider of information technology solutions
and service in Indonesia.

Our competencies and service excellence have enable us to provide
integration solutions and services for wide range of industries,
including telecommunications, banking and financial, oil and gas and
plantation as well as government sectors.

In advancing our business, we need high forte individuals through this
following career.


Job description :

1.Develop sales plan and execute the sales plan successfully, including :
2.Employ a consultative selling approach to ensure success in
achieving the sales quota.
3.Maintain mutual relationship and communication with customer and

Qualifications :

1.Bachelor Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or
2.Good general business knowledge
3.Able to present information effectively and persuasively to customer
4.Have a strong base or network in these following industries:
telecommunications Industries
5.Have minimum 3 years experience in related position

Interested Candidate should send the curriculum vitae to career@ag-it. com

CLOSE DATE : January 27, 2008


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